Board of Directors Meeting, Oct 17, 2015

Present: Richard, Mike, Mark, Don, John
Guests, Gil
Absent: Dave, Sharon, Ann, Cathy

Gil presented a letter outlining the “The Playing Directors in Club games” that he received from Stu Goodgold, ( Past D21 President). It outlines the protocol concerning directors playing in club games  and how to handle playing in games where the directors make pre-dealt cards. We will make our directors aware of this policy.

Mark presented the Treasurer’s Report which was unanimously accepted.  Our finances are in good shape.

Cathy sent in the Hospitality report. She sent out 2 cards to sick members and to one new member. Also she sent a card to Eunice’s family  after Eunice’s death.

Bill Jones, our Web Master, is having trouble improving the privacy on  our Website. Richard will get (has) the information that Bill needs to improve the privacy issue. Richard and John will talk with Bill about getting our BOD minutes and pictures put on the Website.

The 4 new chairs that were bought have had a couple of complaints how they slide. We will try to coat the bottom of the legs to see if they will slide more easily. Most of the folks using the new chairs have not complained.

We have 3 candidates for the BOD; Diane Todd, Jill Wallace and Wayne Gordon. The ballots will be available this week.

The Christmas Party will be held at the Club on December 13 after the bridge game. The cost will be $5 per member and $10 per guests. The Macaroni Grill will again cater the event.  Help will be needed for
decorating the club and to help serving.

Our Sectional will be held at the Nugget through 2016. This year’s Sectional brought in $3513 which is outstanding. The Nugget is happy that they rented out 94 rooms during the sectional which exceeded their expectations. We will try to extend this agreement through 2017

Our next meeting will be held December 12th at 11:00

John Swanson

Board of Directors Meeting, Aug 8, 2015

Present: Richard Michelsen, Dave Dickey, Don Parsons, Cathy Johnson,
Mark Lundblad, John Swanson

Absent: Mike Slattery, Ann Little

Guest: Susan Powell

Jackie Zayac, who visited us at our last meeting, sent us a thank you for having her at our last BOD meeting and reminded us vote for the Second Alternate Director for District 21 when we receive our ballots around August 25th.

The treasures report was presented by Mark and unanimously accepted.

In general we are in good shape. The cost for the maintenance of our

Dealing Machine was just over $400. Also this month we paid the State of Nevada to continue our incorporation in the State; the cost was $31.

Carson City has notified us that they want to buy their own dealing machine and thus will no longer use the dealing machine they co own with us. They paid 1/3 of the cost of the Dealing Machine and have requested their portion of the cost ($1200) be refunded to them. After much discussion the Board vote to offer them a refund of $1,000. Richard will discuss this counter offer with Carson City.

Bill Jones, is going to be our Web Master. He will meet with Richard and Kats Cannel to discuss how we want to put this together. Bill is the husband of Suzanne who plays at the Club. Bill has established several other web sites in the past.

The Board discussed who we should have replace David Weinberg on the BOD and whom we will nominated for the Board this fall. The people being nominated will be announced later in the year.

We purchased 3 new card tables to replace tables that are in bad shape.

We will buy 4 new chairs for use at the Club. We will evaluate these chairs to determine their suitability. We will be try various ways to see if we can make the chairs “scoot” more easily.

Kathy is ready to order our name tags. The tag will have our name and Reno Bridge Club on the face of the tag.

The timing for the next BOD was not determined.

John Swanson

Board of Directors Meeting, June 13, 2015

Present: Richard Michelsen, Mark Lundblud, Don Parson, Cathy Johnson,
Mike Slattery, Davis Weinberg, Ann Little and John Swanson.

Absent: Dave Dickey

Guests Kats Cannell, Jackie Zayac, Gil Ramirez, Kathy Lane, Mel Edelblute

Jackie Zayac introduced herself and went over her qualifications and
desires for D21 if she is elected to become the 2nd Alternate District
Director. She also reminded the BOD that we should vote by August 15th.

The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Mark and was Approves
unanimously. Our finances are in good shape. The non Life master’s
Tournament, held at the Sierra Canyon, was successful and the Unit
will get $430 in net profits from this Event.

Next Year’s NLF will be held on May 14th and 15th.

In the Hospitality Report by Cathy Johnson it was reported that
letters are sent each to first time players at the Club (includes a
free play) and she continually sends out cards to those who are sick
or to loved ones of those who have died.

Tournaments: The NACBL wants a $25 fee for those who want the “fast
results” during a tournament.

Gil reported on the District 21 meeting he attended on May 30th. His
report is posted. It was announced that District 20 will help us work
on the 2016 NABCL

The Monterey Regional will be held starting January 4, 2016.

We will make a decision on the purchase of chairs at the meeting.
John Swanson will bring one of the chairs to Bridge Center and have
people evaluate it while playing.

Richard has not been able to find suitable card tables to purchase to
replace the old tables that are in bad shape (torn, shaky, etc.). He
will continue his quest for the next meeting.

We discussed Carson City’s request to stop using our Dealing Machine
and purchase their own Dealing Machine. No action will be taken by
Unit 473 until Carson City decides if they are going ahead with the
proposed purchase. They have asked our Club to refund part of the money that they paid ($1400) for their share of the D.M.

Kats Cannell reviewed a Web Site he has put together for a Ski Club he
a member of and we will evaluate if we want to use this same type of
Web. It would help us have a more secure system and maybe be easier to
update and use.

Board of Directors Meeting, May 9, 2015

Present: Richard Michelsen, David Weinberg, Ann Little, Mark Lundblad, Don Parsons, Dave Dickey, John Swanson.

Guest: Kathy Lane, Mel Edeblute

The Treasure’s Report was discussed and approved.

Financially we are in good shape. Our Sectional at the Nugget had 14 1/2 more tables than last year and it appears that the net profit for the event will be about $2,500.

The Board felt the location of the event was at least partly responsible for the increase. We will be back at the Nugget for next years Sectionals.

The Nugget was delighted with the event because of the number of rooms they sold.

The Minutes for last month’s meeting had been previously been electronically approved.

Cathy Johnson reported that Mike Mandell died March 28th and appropriate sympathy cards sent. Also Eunice is out of the hospital and back playing bridge.

The Board approved purchasing 4 chairs from the Restaurant Supply Company to be evaluated for weight and ability to slide on our rugs.

The Board approved the purchase of 10 new card tables to replace the tables that are in embarrassing condition. Some of the tables that were used for the Sectional were in very poor condition.

The board approved the purchase of a case for the Bridge Mates that are used at Sierra Canyon.

We are going to offer name tags for our members to purchase. Kathy will have a sign-up sheet for members who want to purchase a tag. The cost should be around $8 per tag and the unit will pick up a portion of the cost so the cost will be $5 per person. The tag will be attractive and have your name and Reno on it. The backing will be magnetic so no pins will be necessary. This seams a great project as we prepare for the 2016 National next summer.

The Picnic will be on August 23rd at the Chism’s home and yard. (Ann Little will double check the dates with them).

The Board approved a $1000 scholarship for a member of Youth Bridge to be used for continuing education.

Our Dealing Machine (love it or hate it) is at the suggested time for maintenance. Kathy Lane will investigate what needs to be done as well as cost.

Board of Directors Meeting, March 28th



Minutes of Unit 473 Board Meeting, December 6, 2014

Present:               John Swanson, Cherri Ross, Dave Dickey, Don Parsons, Mark Lundblad, Richard Michelsen, David Weinberg, Cathy Johnson, Ann Little. Present: Kathy Lane and Mike Slattery.

The Minutes of the November 22, 2014 meeting were approved electronically. Treasurer’s Report: Accepted. Hospitality Report: Discussion took place with regards to the December 7 Christmas party. John Swanson advised that approximately $1,000 would be would be used to cover the expense of the party.  Sunshine and Membership Report: Get-well cards were sent to Molly Rakestraw, Joyce Brush, and both Norm and Mary Wyatt.  Three new members and four transfers were welcomed. President’s Report: Cherri Ross was thanked for her service on the Board. Mike Slattery was welcomed to the Board.

New Business:

  1. Goodwill Award Nomination

A candidate was brought forward, followed by a nomination and unanimous vote in support of that candidate.

  1. Complaint Regarding Bridge Behavior
    Discussion followed. No action was taken.
  1. Board of Director Members to Elect Offices for the 2015 Board
    The following Board members were nominated and approved unanimously for the 2015 Board: Richard Michelsen, President; Dave Dickey, Vice President; Mark Lundblad, Treasurer; John Swanson, Secretary; Cathy Johnson, Sunshine and Membership; David Weinberg, Webmaster; Don Parsons, Tournament Director; Mike Slattery, Hospitality; Ann Little, The Forum.
  1. Members Directory

Cathy Johnson will provide an update to the directory in the form of an addendum.

  1. Name Tags

A discussion took place regards more permanent magnetic-type name tags that Unit members could purchase. Kathy John and Mike Slattery will gather information and report to the Board.

Next Board Meeting:             January 24, 2015

Minutes of Unit 473 Board Meeting, June 21, 2014

Present: John Swanson, Cherri Ross, Dave Dickey, Ann Little, David Weinberg, Don Parsons, Mark Lundblad. Absent: Cathy Johnson, Richard Michelsen. Guests: Kathy Lane.

Gil Ramirez: Represented the Unit at the District 21 May 31 meeting. It was noted that revenue had fallen for the last year by approximately 15 percent due largely because of increased expenses. Bruce Blakely resigned as National Director and his place was taken by Stewart Goodgold until the term is completed.

The Minutes of the May 3, 2014 meeting were approved electronically. Treasurer’s Report: It was noted that the NLM tournament made $500. Hospitality Report: John Swanson reminded everyone that the Unit picnic will be on August 17 after the Unit Game at Barbara Chism’s home. A signup list will be posted shortly so that those who attend can bring either salad, dessert, or hors d’oeuvre as well as a beverage of their choice. Sunshine: No Report. Tournament Coordinator’s Report: Don Parson has verified with Boomtown that the venue will be available to the Unit for the sectionals in the years 2015 and 2016. Pam Hughes will be an assisting direction for the August 6 through 10 Sectional this year.


Next Board Meeting: To be determined upon Richard’s return.


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