Minutes of Unit 473 Board Meeting, December 6, 2014

Present:               John Swanson, Cherri Ross, Dave Dickey, Don Parsons, Mark Lundblad, Richard Michelsen, David Weinberg, Cathy Johnson, Ann Little. Present: Kathy Lane and Mike Slattery.

The Minutes of the November 22, 2014 meeting were approved electronically. Treasurer’s Report: Accepted. Hospitality Report: Discussion took place with regards to the December 7 Christmas party. John Swanson advised that approximately $1,000 would be would be used to cover the expense of the party.  Sunshine and Membership Report: Get-well cards were sent to Molly Rakestraw, Joyce Brush, and both Norm and Mary Wyatt.  Three new members and four transfers were welcomed. President’s Report: Cherri Ross was thanked for her service on the Board. Mike Slattery was welcomed to the Board.

New Business:

  1. Goodwill Award Nomination

A candidate was brought forward, followed by a nomination and unanimous vote in support of that candidate.

  1. Complaint Regarding Bridge Behavior
    Discussion followed. No action was taken.
  1. Board of Director Members to Elect Offices for the 2015 Board
    The following Board members were nominated and approved unanimously for the 2015 Board: Richard Michelsen, President; Dave Dickey, Vice President; Mark Lundblad, Treasurer; John Swanson, Secretary; Cathy Johnson, Sunshine and Membership; David Weinberg, Webmaster; Don Parsons, Tournament Director; Mike Slattery, Hospitality; Ann Little, The Forum.
  1. Members Directory

Cathy Johnson will provide an update to the directory in the form of an addendum.

  1. Name Tags

A discussion took place regards more permanent magnetic-type name tags that Unit members could purchase. Kathy John and Mike Slattery will gather information and report to the Board.

Next Board Meeting:             January 24, 2015

Minutes of Unit 473 Board Meeting, June 21, 2014

Present: John Swanson, Cherri Ross, Dave Dickey, Ann Little, David Weinberg, Don Parsons, Mark Lundblad. Absent: Cathy Johnson, Richard Michelsen. Guests: Kathy Lane.

Gil Ramirez: Represented the Unit at the District 21 May 31 meeting. It was noted that revenue had fallen for the last year by approximately 15 percent due largely because of increased expenses. Bruce Blakely resigned as National Director and his place was taken by Stewart Goodgold until the term is completed.

The Minutes of the May 3, 2014 meeting were approved electronically. Treasurer’s Report: It was noted that the NLM tournament made $500. Hospitality Report: John Swanson reminded everyone that the Unit picnic will be on August 17 after the Unit Game at Barbara Chism’s home. A signup list will be posted shortly so that those who attend can bring either salad, dessert, or hors d’oeuvre as well as a beverage of their choice. Sunshine: No Report. Tournament Coordinator’s Report: Don Parson has verified with Boomtown that the venue will be available to the Unit for the sectionals in the years 2015 and 2016. Pam Hughes will be an assisting direction for the August 6 through 10 Sectional this year.


Next Board Meeting: To be determined upon Richard’s return.

Sunday game has been moved to 1:00 as of November 1. The church next door moved out and now we don’t have a parking issue.

Minutes of Unit 473 Board Meeting, February 22, 2014

Present:  Richard Michelsen, John Swanson, Cherri Ross, Dave Dickey, Cathy Johnson, Ann Little, Mark Lundblad, David Weinberg, Don Parsons.  Guests:  Mel Edelblute.

Minutes for January 25 meeting were approved electronically.  Treasurer’s Report was received.  It was noted that a bill was presented for the purchase of 15 dozen sets of playing cards for the dealing machine in the amount of $600 less a 10 percent discount and shipping of $60.  Sunshine/Membership had no report.  Hospitality confirmed that the purchase of coffee and candy for the Nonlife Master Tournament May 17 and 18, 2014 will be paid for out of tournament fees received from attendees.  The President reported that he will attend the District 21 meeting on March 8 in Burlingame, California.

New Business:

1. Hotel rooms for Boomtown for the April Sectional

Don Parsons will discuss the issue of room rate with the marketing manager of Boomtown as they are not currently making a discounted rate for the April Showers Tournament available.  A discussion was also had regarding which units should receive the flier for the event and it was decided to consult the ACBL.

2. Wrong location address on the May NLM flier

Corrections to the flier for the NLM Tournament were discussed and will be made by David.


Ann Little, editor for Unit 473’s monthly column in The Forum, advised that while she did submit an article last month’s edition, it did not appear as it should have.  She has taken steps to ensure that will not happen next month.

Next Board Meeting:     March 22, 2014

Minutes of Unit 473 Board Meeting, December 14, 2013

Present:  Richard Michelsen, John Swanson, Cynthia Swezey, Cherri Ross, Dave Dickey, David Weinberg, Don Parsons.  Absent:  Mark Lundblad, Cathy Johnson.  Guests:  Ann Little, Kathy Lane.  

Minutes for November 16, 2013 were approved by unanimous vote.  Treasurer’s Report was received.  Sunshine/Membership reported new members who will be enumerated at another time.  Hospitality advised that the Christmas party will be tomorrow, December 15 after the game.  All preparations were reviewed and a general discussion followed.  The President reported he had purchased next year’s Mini McKinnie medals at a cost of $45.00

New Business:

1. Next Year’s Sectionals

A discussion followed noting these dates:  Non-life Masters tournament will hold a pairs game on May 17 at 1:30 and a Swiss team game on May 18 at 1:00 at Sierra Canyon; a sectional will be held on April 9 through 13 at Boomtown; and the second sectional for Unit 473 in 2014 will be held on August 6 through 10, again at Boomtown.  Director in Charge, Dianne Barton-Paine made various event change suggestions, i.e., replacing the two-session events with single sessions and stratifying the Swiss game.  A motion was made to adopt all her suggestions and it passed unanimously.  David Weinberg will see that the fliers are made for the three tournament events.   

2. Election of 2014 Officers

The three candidates running for office were elected unanimous:  Ann Little, David Weinberg, Mark Lundblad.  The following officers were elected by unanimous vote:  Richard Michelsen, President; Dave Dickey, Vice President; Mark Lundblad, Treasurer; Cherri Ross, Secretary; David Weinberg, Webmaster; Don Parsons, Tournament Coordinator; John Swanson, Hospitality; Cathy Johnson, Membership and Sunshine; Ann Little, writer for the Forum, Rich Scoggins, Disciplinarian.

 3. December 15, 2014 Action

 At the Unit 473 bridge center Christmas party following the Unit Game, Richard Michelsen moved that a total of four one-quarter page ads be purchased in The Forum for the Unit 473 2014 sectionals.  He explained the ads will appear twice before each sectional which are scheduled to occur in the months of April and August.   The seven present board members were polled and all voted in the affirmative.  The motion passed.   


Next Board Meeting: January 25, 2014 at 11:00 a.m.

December Forum Article

This is my last column. It’s been a great run. I have written this column with the thought that most people like to see their name in print. I think that I have done a decent job considering that there are 288 unit members and that is a lot of people to keep tabs on. At this time I haven’t been told who is going to be writing the column or what the format will be, but I hope that everyone will support this individual. I wish you all happy holidays and best wishes for a healthy and happy new year.
TOURNAMENT TRAIL: Many of the unit’s members traveled south to the Puerto Vallarta Regional in November. The top 10 Unit 473 masterpoint winners were: Rick Weiss, Don Parson, Dave Dickey, Evie Almeleh, Cathy Johnson, Rene Reid, Cynthia Swezey, Dorene Beavers, Grace Martin and Myrel Ann Knafelc.
OUT and ABOUT: Paul Blumberg is back from a Caribbean cruise. Linda and John Swanson also attended the Puerto Vallarta Regional. Diane Bischoff is back from Canada. Bud and Dottie Brewer were is Southern California visiting family. Rene Reid went to Dallas for a reunion. Cynthia Swezey was in Colorado for thanksgiving with her family. Linda Averett is back from Hawaii. Gil Ramirez is back from Spain and Portugal. Mike Slattery is back from Palm Springs.
DISABLED LIST: Carol Barker is recovering from surgery.
NEW MEMBERS: The unit has 3 new members this month. Welcome to Mark Hadley, Rosemare Himmah and Maureen Whitney.
BIG GAME: A single big game this month. Sybil Lucks and Satish Gupta had a 72.02% game on November 18th. On November 20th, Virginia Kellermeyer and Satish Gupta had a 70.0% game. Congratulations all and double congrats to Satish with 2 big games in the same week.
HATS OFF: Many critics of duplicate bridge have been saying that bridge is dying. There are unit members who are actively doing something about this. Reno Youth Bridge is teaching bridge in local middle and high schools. Unit members participating in this effort are Bud Brewer, Virginia Kellermeyer, Grace Martin, Mark Lundblad, Maria Judd, Mike Slattery, Molly Rakestraw, Dan Green, Reba Berland, Rich Scoggin, Roni Maktenieks, Susan Powell, David Weinberg, Judi O’Connell, Jack Rosen, and Marge Quaglieri. Virginia Kellermeyer and Molly Rakestraw teach bridge at Bridge-4-Fun on Tuesday nights. Roni Maktenieks and Mike Slattery are teaching bridge at the Reno Senior Center and Truckee Meadows Community College. These folks are doing what they can to keep bridge alive, so here’s a rousing THANKS!
ELECTION RESULTS: As David Weinberg, Mark Lundblad, and Ann Little were the only three candidates running for the board, they will serve a three year term starting in January. The unit wishes to thank outgoing board members Cynthia Swezey, David Weinberg and Mark Lundblad for their service.
UNIT GAME: The November unit game was held on November 24th. There were 10 tables. In 1st place were Neal Moore and Gil Ramirez. In 2nd place were Cathy Johnson and Maria Johnson.. In 3rd place were Steve Print and Dan Green. In 4th place were Tom Howell and Paul Blumberg. In 5th place were Charlotte Falk and Lin Gold. In 6th place were Greg Foss and Jeannene LeVitre. In Flight B, Joyce Remsen and Tom Quint were 4th. In 5th place were Linda Averett and Kathy Evans.
Bridge-4-Fun held numerous club championship games during the month. The winners of the game on November 7th were Jack Barney and Luke Wooden. The winners of the game on November 10th were Kathy Lane and Tom Howell. The winners of the game on November 12th were Elisabeth Price and Jill Wallace. The winners of the game on November 15th were Donna Mcleod and Gary Nitzberg. The winners of the game on November 14th were Raymond Yue and Mel Edelblute. The winners of the game on November 18th were Sybil Lucks and Satish Gupta. The winners of the game on November 20th were Virginia Kellermeyer and Satish Gupta. There was a tie for 1st on the November 23rd game between Kathy Lane/Linda Averett and Reba Berland/Lillian Johnson.
The winning team in the “Eight is Enough’ charity team game on November 26th included Don Parsons and Dave Dickey, Gary Nitzberg and Donna Mcleod.
RANK CHANGES: Finally, some rank changes again this month. Barbara Werner became a Junior Life Master. Jonathan Price, Linda Swanson, and Raymond Yue became Club Masters. Eleanor Waldren became a Sectional Master. Frances Bruun-Andersen and Lee Dunn became a Regional Masters. Rene Reid became a Life Master.
NEXT UNIT GAME: The regular Unit game in December is on December 15th at 1:15 p.m.

Minutes of Unit 473 Board Meeting, November 16, 2013

Present:  Cherri Ross, David Weinberg, Mark Lundblad, Cynthia Swezey, Richard Michelson,  John Swanson,  Dave Dickey, and Don Parsons, Cathy Johnson .  Guests:  Bob Garret, VP of District 21

Minutes for October 19, 2013 were approved by unanimous vote.  Treasurer’s Report was received.  Sunshine/Membership reported that cards were sent to Shirley Spencer and Jean Milner who have been ill.  A card was sent to Jeannene Le Vitre whose mother passed away.  The Unit had a transfer, Christel King, and re-instated members Carol and Phil Parish to its ranks.  New members Susan Powell and Kathi Nelson were welcomed.  Hospitality advised that the Christmas party will be on December 15 after the unit game that Sunday.  The charge is $5 for ACBL members and $15 for guests.  The event will be catered by The Macaroni Grill and that menu has been prominently posted at the bridge center.  Tickets will be given to each paid participant and will be used to award door prizes.  The President reported that a request for a charitable contribution was made by Marcia Barren on behalf of Care Chest of Sierra Nevada.  That request will be passed along to Kathy Lane and Mel Edelblute.

New Business:

1.             Search for New Forum Reporter

A discussion followed which included the suggestion of using an editor to assemble relevant information each month that could be contributed by the general membership.

2.             Bob Garret

The Vice President of District 21 was introduced.  He is the Chair of the Nationals tournament to be held March 10 through 20, 2016 in Reno.  A presentation followed advising the Board of some of the possibilities regarding location and tournament events and the need for chairs for the Information Desk and Tournament Program/Restaurant Guide.

Next Board Meeting:     December 14, 2013 at 11:00 a.m.


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