Club Directors


Don Rogers

Don began playing bridge with his family at age 10.  He had his first duplicate experience in college, but didn’t start playing seriously until he moved to University of California at Santa Barbara in 1977 and had easy access to all the tournaments in the LA area.  He continued to play in the Palo Alto and Santa Rosa CA clubs after moving to the SF Bay area until about 1989, when he started what ended up as a 20 year sabbatical from bridge to raise children, earn a living in various science and engineering jobs, and play in a variety of local rock’n’roll bands.   He returned to regular duplicate bridge play in 2010.   Don thought he had retired to Reno in March 2016, but now finds himself Club manager and directing five games a week, which sometimes feels suspiciously like an actual job.

Don is a Bronze Life Master, with the majority of his masterpoints earned in the bad old days when they were considerably harder to come by.  His personal favorite system is Matchpoint Precision, but he is happy to play whatever system is most comfortable for his partner.

Don Rogers directs the Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning games at 11:45 am. All Don’s games are 99er friendly.  99ers are particlarly encouraged to come on Wednesday, when card fees are reduced for 99ers and Coaching session begin at 9:30am


Kathy Lane


Susan Powell


Larry Jackson


Paul Ferber

I am a born and raised Kansas girl who moved to Reno in 1965.  I ended going back to Kansas for college and back to Reno to graduate and raise my family.  I love bridge and started playing duplicate about 1970.  I was a teacher in Washoe County for 25 years and when I retired, I decided to get involved in directing.  My boys both live in Vegas with their families.  Tim and I get to travel, play golf, and spend time with our families. 

Kathy Lane runs the Tuesday game at 11:45am.  The Tuesday game does not allow 2 players with 500pts or more to play together.  There is a Clinic once per month with a Pot-Luck, and Team Game on the Last Tuesday of every month.


My grandma was an avid bridge player.  When I was ten, she invited me and two of my cousin to stay with her for one week to learn bridge.  We were hooked.  After that, we wanted to play 24/7 but non of our friends played so I played very infrequently growing up.  In 1998, my husband got an assignment to Yokota AFB, Japan.  It was there that I began playing on a regular basis.  Every Friday there was a party bridge game.  After returning to the States, I was not able to find many friends who played bridge, but in June of 2013, my husband retired from the Air Force and we moved to Reno.  Once here, I decided to search for a bridge group and stumbled upon the Reno Bridge Center.

Susan Powell runs the Wednesday evening game at 6:00pm, and the Sunday afternoon game at 1:00 pm. There is a Clinic and Pot luck once per month, and a Team Game on the Second Sunday of every month.

Info about Larry coming soon....




Larry runs the Saturday afternoon Open game at 1pm.


This is what I looked like before starting to play duplicate.  A friend at Sierra Canyon suggested I learn and spent hours teaching me. I have now been playing for about 6 years and love every minute of it.  I love the challenge of the game and the lovely people i play with.  I became a Director last year when both the directors at the Sierra Canyon Bridge club moved away (I hope that didn't have anything to do with me).

Paul runs the Sierra Canyon Bridge Club game on Mondays at 1pm, email:

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