NOTE:  NLM section will be added to Friday game permanently

           The coaching session on Wed. morning at 9:30 and Wayne's lesson on Friday at 11:00 will be discontinued until further notice.  


Beginning Sept 5, The Wed. game will begin at 11:45 and The Coaching session at 9:00

Wed., Sept. 5:  Special Unit Game 11:45 

Thursday,  Sept. 6: Club Championship

Saturday,  Sept. 8: Club Championship

Sunday, Sept. 9:  TEAM GAME

Tuesday, Sept. 11:  Bob Luebkeman's 2/1 Lesson with Potluck to follow

Wednesday, Sept. 12: 11:45 Club Championship

Monday, Sept. 17:  Club Championship

Wednesday, Sept. 19: 6:30 Club Championship

Friday, Sept. 21:  Club Championship

Tuesday, Sept. 25:  Team Game

Sunday, Sept. 30: Club Championship


Monday, October 1:  Club Appreciation

Thursday, October 4-Sunday, October 7:  Carson City Tournament.  See Schedule.  Reno Club will be closed.

Tuesday, October 9: Bob Luebkeman's 2/1 Lesson with Potluck to follow

Wednesday, October 10:  6:30 Club Appreciation

Friday, October 12:  Club Appreciation

Saturday, October 13:  Club Appreciation

Sunday, October 14:  Unit TEAM GAME

Regional at the Nugget:  Monday, Oct 15-Sunday, October 21.  Club will be closed.  

Wednesday, October 24:  11:45  Club Appreciation

Thursday, October 25:  Club Appreciation

Sunday, October 28:  Club Appreciation

Tuesday, October 30:  Team Game, Club appreciation

Wednesday, October 31:  11:45 ACBL-wide Instant Matchpoint Game $9